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August 21st, 2005
I got kicked out of my first club! Well... kinda. We were lining up at the Mustang Bar and the line was looooong and we weren't moving and I was cold cause I'd worn my most skankiest dress. And Matt was inside, so he opened up some side door, so me and Kinta were all "Yay!" and then we got pushed out, back into the cold with the long long line.

The whole night was lines, lines, lines cause we didn't get into Nirthbridge til 11:30. At least the Black Betty's line was entertaining. Some chick had fallen backwards and hurt her head. The ambulance came and picked her up and left behind a nice puddle of blood.

Rhys and Glenn weren't allowed into the Rise because they looked too casual. In other words, they were wearing jackets. They should learn to freeze like us girls.
Me and Anja scored no free drinks, therefore the night was not successful. Kinta got one free drink and ended up passing out in the car, thus missing out on kebabs.
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August 19th, 2005
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June 30th, 2005
I'm celebrating the end of the financial year in style. Goon. I need to break the seal. But no, don't break seal
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Birthday crap [Thursday
June 30th, 2005
You have 232 days to find me a presentCollapse )
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Gooney Gooney Goodness [Sunday
June 26th, 2005
[ mood | alive ]

I have goon. A whole four litres of it. Well, not quite four litres, because I've been drinking it. Straight from the cask, as all goon should be drunk. And I should be drunk. Even though it is Sunday and I have work tomorrow.
I just went to change my password on Hotmail, and then I forgot it.

I'm going to a tarts and vicars party on Friday (a'la Bridget Jones) and I need suggestions on how to make myself cheaply (in both ways) slutty for the occasion, keeping in mind that I am wearing my most slutty dress the next night, when I go clubbing.

I'm a true blue AussieCollapse )

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May 31st, 2005
Browsing around eBay today;

Penis Potato
Magical Tiger Repellant Rock
A 50c coin (selling for $5)
Advertise through MSN
A scary looking dummy
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May 25th, 2005
[ mood | anxious ]

I am so over work. Sunday I worked at Subway. Monday I went to uni, then to Subway, then to Coles and didn't get home unitl midnight. Then Tuesday I went to uni and Coles again. I've started ignoring the phone in the afternoon because I'm scared that it'll be Coles phoning to get me to work.
Do they not realise far behind I am with Big Brother uni work?!
I've got a concept test for Radio and Print in an hour, although it's only worth 10% of my final mark, and I've been to kmost of the lectures and tutes and done most readings, so I'm not too worried.
My Age of Info assignment is due on Friday. I'm going to do as much work on it as possible tonight so I won't be up til 5 on a Friday morning again. I'm hoping English Kim will be online tonight so she can help me (ie - spell out wha I should write about).
But my most scariest assignment is for Radio and Print. I've gotta do a couple of recorded interviews with religious folk and then make it into a five minute radio article and a short print article. I haven't even phoned these religious folk yet to ask them if I can interview them. And i don't want to. Phones are scary. Microphones are scary. Interviews are scary. Can't someone else do the interview part and I'll spend the hours in the radio editing studio, making it into something news-worthy? Between this assignment and my entire Media Industries unit, I'm really being turned off journalism. The life of a hermit seems a lot better.

Other random crap that I feel like mentioning;
- I bought the Audioslave and System of a Down albums on Monday, when they were first released Down Under. I now share my love for System with all cars and houses I drive past because I'm hardXcore. Yeah.
- New layout. Because I'm bored.
- Did I mention I went to the casino on Saturday? Well I did. Lost no money, won no money. Had a drink bought for me by some guy who looked about 30. But not in a sleazy way. In a nice "let's sit around and talk way.' And since I went with Kristy and Karl and Anja and Brett, my singleness stood out. But apparently only to sleazy old men, not hot 20 year old men/boys.
- Email arguments between Anja and Hannah. We were sick of Hannah not spending time with us and then telling us that "Work and uni was not an excuse for not coming to Nathan's Eurovision party." Anja wrote a long, angry, nasty email and sent it to Hannah and everyone else. Hannah was sad and rang me after work yesterday. Poor, sad Hannah. But all should be fixed. Between us, anyway. Now I feel all guilty :(
- Got my iPod back from Brenton. He was wearing a pretty blue dressing gown when we went to his house
- Now I'm really wasting time
- Food is too expensive. I want a $3 Happy Meal, goddamn
- I'm not going to LJ-cut this. Because I'm mean

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January 25th, 2005
I've decided that I'm going to do a bit of an LJ spring clean. Despite the fact that it's summer.

Anyway, if you want to remain on my friends list (and be able to read my LJ), just reply with a sentence with the word "llama" in it.
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My Fetus [Monday
October 4th, 2004
Everyone has one, so I couldn't resist

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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September 23rd, 2004
[ mood | mischievous ]

This is a friends only journal. It doesn't take much to be my friend. Just add a comment. Or sleep with me. You choose, but may I recommend the latter...

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